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First off, I’m Lara…and this blog exists because EVERYONE deserves to know that there is a way to being healthy and supercharged WITHOUT the struggles and sacrifices the fitness industry makes it out to be.

After 10 years of constant dieting and failing, my weight only crept up and up. I had no control over my own body and felt really hopeless at times.

There were so many different ‘experts’ all over the Internet and friends and family, recommending polar opposite diets…I was confused, overwhelmed and completely exhausted. Nothing worked.

It wasn’t until I discovered the Ketogenic Diet (the Low-Carb High-fat lifestyle) that I started to see real results. I lost 22Ibs in 8 weeks and looking and FEELING better everyday.

Let me get this out first…


Once you really understand it, you will know that you don’t have to starve yourself, eat only chicken salads or count calories to lose weight.

You don’t have to spend days and nights fighting with your cravings and hunger, while busting your arse in the gym 5 days a week.

The fitness industry is making bank and we’ve been sold a lie.

Feeling a million bucks doesn’t require you to bust your arse in the gym all day everyday, nor should it cost alot of money!

Health is actually pretty EFFORTLESS when you know what foods to eat.

Hunger, low energy, breakouts, hair loss, missed periods, joint pain. I’ve had it all and they all attributed back to my diet.

After 5 months of eating 80% low carb…all these problems either completely disappeared or were significantly reduced to the point that I was 100% sold on this lifestyle.

I used to look at people who are on low carb ‘diets’ and thought “man…you must be so hungry and depressed right now. So much for the sake of having a six pack.

But BOY was I wrong.

When I started experimenting with low carb…whenever I ate under 50g of carbs a day for more than 3 days, my energy level and mental clarity were at a level I’ve never experienced before.

My cravings disappeared and I literally made my appetite my bitch (excuse my french). I was in complete control.

I didn’t have to exercise willpower (something I don’t have AT ALL actually) to fight with cravings and hunger because they didn’t exist anymore!

Before long, I was smashing out 7am HIIT workouts on an empty stomach with zero struggle.

Unlike any of the diets I’ve been on, I could physically feel the effects it had on my mental and physical state first hand…

For once, I didn’t go by what people on Youtube said, but I just went with what I physically felt day by day…and man..it was undeniable from the first week.


If you’ve tried to lose weight every way under the sun and failed….

If you’re addicted to sugar, and it’s controlling your life…

If hunger and your next meal dominate your thoughts (and no matter how much you eat, it never shuts up)…

Then you’ve come to the right place.

I got put on a diet when I was 16, and that started a loooong downhill battle with my relationship with food.

10 years later, I’m here to tell you that, I’ve been through the thick of it and there IS a way out.

In my experience, most days consisted of nothing but fighting with these thoughts.

It was absolutely exhausting when my mind couldn’t think of anything but…

“I need sugar”, and “No, don’t do that to yourself”.

It was an eternal loop of shit, and I really believed I had no way out.

I’m going to have to fight these cravings and fail at weight loss everyday until the day I die.

Until one day, I stumbled across Dave Asprey’s podcast on iTunes and listened to one episode called, ‘Food Addiction & Why Will Power is Not Enough’. This episode totally changed my life as it opened up a whole world of eating that I had NO idea about.

The main message of this blog is to let you know that THERE IS A WAY TO CHANGE…and it’s actually not that hard.

Do you want to…

  • Lose weight without counting calories or exercising your butts off
  • Stop food cravings once and for all
  • Reverse diabetes and insulin resistance
  • Feel inimitable energy and mental clarity all day long

You can.

All by learning about the Ketogenic and the low carb lifestyle.

I really hope that this blog will challenge much of what you have come to understand as healthy eating.

We’ve been brainwashed and fed lies by a profit-driven Health and Fitness industry for decades, and if you’re my age (25) then pretty much your WHOLE life.

I’ve lost 22Ibs in 8 weeks, after 10 years of failed dieting. I don’t even want to think about how much I would suffer if my iPhone hadn’t shuffled onto that podcast episode in the car that day.

I’m glad you found my blog.
If I’m fortunate enough, maybe I’d be to you, what Dave’s podcast was for me.

Keep an open mind, and whatever you do…remember to always, ALWAYS be kind to yourself 🙂