Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener Review: Is It Healthy?

We all know that quitting sugar is REALLY hard. Especially when it blindsides you in the afternoon when you’re tired and depleted of willpower. Lakanto sweeteners have been a lifesaver for me because it means I can satisfy my sugar cravings without the bad stuff and without spiking my blood sugar. The texture is granulated like real sugar and my …

Keto OS Review: does it really put you in Ketosis in under 45mins?

Products featured in this article: Keto OS BioMax (Maui Punch) Keto OS Orange Dream Keto Kreme Keto OS Chocolate Swirl KetoForce Perfect Keto Base (Chocolate Sea Salt Flavor)  Quest MCT Oil Powder MCT Oil by Vegan Society   So it normally takes me about 3-4 days to get into ketosis, without any help from exogenous ketones. This means I eat …

Do I Have To Count Calories In Order To Lose Weight?


“Should I count calories?”
“How many calories should I eat per day?”
“Can I eat anything as long as it fits my macros?”.

These are common questions we hear every day and it’s sad people are still confused after all these years. The short answer to that is…no, calories are not created equal and how much fat you store is up to how much sugar you eat.


Sugar Makes You Store Fat

I’ll give you an example so you can see the picture…

If we compare someone who eats a 2000 calories low carb meal that is high in protein and good fats, to someone who eats 2000 calories worth of sugar and refined carbs…it’s a no-brainer that one will gain more weight than the other.


Because sugar releases the fat storing hormone.

“Insulin shunts sugar to fat. Insulin makes fat. More insulin, more fat. Period.” – Dr. Robert Lustig.

Jason Wittrock had played a huge part in my weight loss.

Before this video, I was counting calories to the T and not losing any weight. The effort I was putting in was so much greater than my results.

In this VDO he visually shows you simply why calorie counting makes no sense and why not all calories are created equal.

A very eye-opening clip that is really easy to understand.


“It’s sad when people don’t know the truth. They run themselves into the ground at the gym and every time they eat a meal, they think every bite is going to work against them.” – Jason Wittrock

How To Tap Into Your Fat Storage For Energy



In this video, Dr Berg breaks down the science behind automating fat burning without restricting calories and explains why so many of us find it so HARD lose weight even when we’re dieting and exercising.

Weight loss remains a huge struggle for many because of the sea of myths and misconceptions about how the body loses fat. In order to lose weight effectively and long-term, we need to end the misconception and lies fed to us by the fitness industry for years that ‘fat makes you fat’. This is the biggest lie ever told to sell FAT-FREE products laden with artificial sugars and fillers.

What we have to understand is the basics of fat burning in order to hack it and lose weight effortlessly. First, take some time to understand the science and everything will make sense and losing weight would come naturally instead of having to fight with it every day.


In this video you will learn:

  • What foods you should eat to get your body into fat burning mode.
  • The ultimate formula for burning fat and maintaining muscle.
  • How much fat should you eat to burn fat?
  • Why you shouldn’t eat lean protein (like chicken) if you want to burn fat naturally.

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