12 Kickass Low Carb Fathead Pizza You Must Try Before You Die


“There is one thing I love more than my children, pizza”.

Now, before you think I’m the worse mom in the world, let me say that…

  1. I don’t have kids
  2. Even if I did, I would prefer pizza over them!

Kids aside though, we could all agree on one thing: how life would SUCK without pizza.

So as a low carber, you could imagine how excited I was when I discovered the existence of Fathead Pizzas! For those of you who are wondering what Fathead Pizza is, it’s basically Pizza with a dough made out of cheese, eggs, cream cheese and almond flour.


✓ Gluten Free

✓ Low Carb

✓ Grain Free


✓ Reaaally filling!


So unless you’re a professional eater with an objective of stuffing your face until you’re sick, most people can only manage 1 or 2 slices, before they feel content and move on. Overeating is nearly impossible.

The great news for those of us exploring the options of Keto and low carb is there are ingredient hacks for almost every dish worth making. Fathead is one of them.

With this genius creation, comes endless possibilities of pot pies, sausage rolls, hamburgers, pizzas…

In fact, any savory high carb comfort foods you can think of that are normally super fattening, you can basically tweak into a nutrient dense fat BURNING version that keeps you in ketosis (fat burning mode) all day long. Hallelujah!

Here are 21 of my favorite Fathead Pizza recipes that are intoxicatingly good and really simple to make!



1. The Holy Grail Fathead Pizza by ditchthecarbs ❤

[2.4g Net Carbs]


2. Pepperoni & jalapeños Fathead Pizza by ketodietapp ❤

[5.7 Net Carbs]



3. Spinach Alfredo Fathead Pizza By Lazy Keto ❤


4. Low-Carb Deconstructed Pizza Casserole by Kalyn’s Kitchen ❤


5. Fathead Pizza Tostadas by killerketo❤


6. Fathead Pizza Rolls by Ketogasm❤



7. Holy Grail Fathead Pizza on a Himalayan Salt Plate by ohsweetmercy ❤


8. Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza by peaceloveandlowcarb ❤



9. Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Roll Ups  by healthylivinginbodyandmind ❤

[4.5g Net Carbs]


10. Jalapeno Popper Pizza by alldayidreamaboutfood ❤


11. Fathead Greek Style Pizza by peaceloveandlowcarb ❤




12. Fathead Pizza Pocket by Killerketo ❤