Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener Review: Is It Healthy?

We all know that quitting sugar is REALLY hard. Especially when it blindsides you in the afternoon when you’re tired and depleted of willpower. Lakanto sweeteners have been a lifesaver for me because it means I can satisfy my sugar cravings without the bad stuff and without spiking my blood sugar. The texture is granulated like real sugar and my favourite is definitely the brown version because it has that caramel brown sugar taste that none of the other brands has. Yum!

Here’s my take on Lankanto after one year of consuming it.

Note: It’s zero calories, zero glycemic sweeteners and tastes the most like sugar out of all the sweeteners I’ve tried.

What is Lakanto Sweetener Made from?

If you’re wondering what ingredients are in Lakanto Sweeteners, it’s basically a mixture of two ingredients: Monk fruit (also known Lo Han) and non-GMO Erythritol.


Benefits of Lakanto

Monks Fruit’s sweetness comes from natural mogrosides that are 300 times sweeter than sugar.

✓ Sugar-Free
✓ Zero Calories
✓ Taste like sugar
✓ No after taste
✓ Zero Net Carbs
✓ Doesn’t spike blood sugar (KETO friendly, Diabetic friendly)



Lakanto VS Stevia



For a long time, those of us who are reluctant to give up our sweet tooth and still determined to be healthy has had to put up with Stevia for years. It doesn’t taste like sugar and has a bad aftertaste BUT because it’s arguably the healthiest sweetener available, we compromise.

Taste Comparison

Stevia has a bitter after taste, Lakanto doesn’t The natural ingredient in Lankanto is Monk fruit, which in my opinion tastes a lot better than Stevia but still has the same benefits.

If you’re looking for all natural, brands like Pure Monk does 100% Monk Fruit Powder which is 250x sweeter than sugar. It’s potent and delicious but doesn’t have the crystalized sugar texture and doesn’t you can’t sprinkle them on yoghurt.

When I use Stevia, I usually put it in hot drinks (food that doesn’t require sprinkling for taste). I’ve tried all the reputable Stevia brand and I really like Truvia at the moment. It’s mixed with Erythritol to give it a granulated crystal consistency, sweeter than Lakanto (so you don’t need as much) and doesn’t have any Stevia aftertaste.

The most cost effective and a healthier option still, would be something like PURE Stevia which is 100% natural pure Stevia in powder form. A little harder to measure but super potent, less aftertaste and you only need a tiny bit each time.

Texture Comparison

Erythritol is what gives Lakanto the crystallised sugar texture that we’re obsessed with. Stevia only comes in the form of liquid and powder. Are there any side effects of Erythritol? None. Erythritol is known to be the

***Are there any side effects of Erythritol? None. Erythritol is known to be the safest sugar alcohol available. Research has found that when compared to other sugars “it is also much more difficult for intestinal bacteria to digest, so it is less likely to cause gas or bloating than other polyols [8] such as maltitol, sorbitol, or lactitol.”


Cooking Ratio Comparison

I’ve got to admit. I hated cooking with Stevia. The aftertaste has spoiled many of my dishes. Stevia sweeteners normally range from potent to mild, depending on what is mixed into them. You can get ones that are 250x sweeter than sugar. This makes baking annoyingly hard when you’re following a recipe. If you add too much Stevia, it spoils the whole dish. I’ve had to throw away many failed attempts.

Lakanto mixes very similar to sugar. In my opinion, it’s less sweet than table sugar. So for instance, if I’m used to adding half a teaspoon of table sugar to my coffee, I’d add a whole teaspoon of Lakanto and so on. Baking and cooking with it is much more forgiving and adding too much doesn’t spoil the taste like Stevia does. I just make sure I go a little over with Lankato for however much sugar the recipes says to add.

Lakanto White VS Golden

There is nothing different between the white VS golden Lakanto but the taste. The golden version tastes and smells very much like brown sugar while the white taste like normal table sugar. I personally prefer the brown because it makes sprinkling on yoghurt really yummy and gives my coffee an amazing smell.

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Dangers of Lakanto

There are no side effects to consuming Lakanto. Unlike most sweeteners out there, research has shown that Monk Fruit Extract doesn’t spike blood sugar or insulin and doesn’t have any of the toxicity that’s normally found in sugar.

The Best Sweetener for Ketogenic diets and Low Carb Diets

This is a life saver for me. I go on the Ketogenic diet from time to time when I want to lose fat fast. Lakanto has made getting back into Keto so much easier for me because I can still have all my low carb desserts like my awesome signature Maca Hot Chocolate without any sugar spikes whatsoever!!


Recipes for Lakanto

There are so many amazing indulgent dessert recipes you can make with Lakanto. You can basically use any desert recipes and replace the sugar with Lakanto. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Here are some of my absolute fav deserts to get your ideas dancing:

Coconut Flour Cupcakes 

These coconut flour cupcakes are completely grain-free, and SO yummy! Top them with a little whipped cream or meringue, and they're perfect!:


Sugar-Free Paleo Pecan Snowball Cookies



Almond flour chocolate chip cookies


Low-Carb Black Bottom Cupcakes

Low-Carb Black Bottom Cupcakes. chocolate, cream cheese, chocolate chips, sugar-free, almond flour, eggs, cake, Lakanto, monk fruit:

Low Carb Mocha Frappé

◄► Most Popular Low Carb Desserts - Please repin ☺☺ ◄►:

Healthy Low Carb Brownie

Healthy 1 Minute Low Carb Brownie- Oven option too- Moist, gooey and tender on the outside, it's the perfect snack, dessert or treat to enjoy anytime- Packed with protein and completely sugar free and grain free! {vegan, gluten free, paleo recipe}-

Where To Buy Lakanto

Apart from a few selective health food stores, Lakanto is only available online.

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